Institutional Management System Of National Nature Parks In Ukraine

  • T.V. Kosheliuk
Keywords: management; governance; national nature parks; public administration bodies of national nature parks; administration of national nature parks.


The article presents an analysis of the understanding of the concept and management system in the field of nature reserves of Ukraine, in particular, national nature parks. As a result of the analysis of scientific literature, normative-legal acts the author’s approaches to systematization of types of management in this sphere are presented. The separation of three management systems is substantiated: 1) state; 2) intra-administrative 3) public. Based on this, a system of entities (institutions) that implement management functions at different levels. The study identified problems and shortcomings in the mechanism of public management of national nature parks and suggested ways to solve them.

The issues of peculiarities of management of national nature parks, legal status of subjects of administrative activity, competences of subjects of state management of nature reserve fund, as well as participation of public and scientific institutions in this process are insufficiently researched today. Therefore, there is a need to develop ways to improve the institutional framework of management in this area.

The author emphasizes the subordination of national nature parks various agencies, which creates a problematic situation, because when the national nature park belongs to a non-core agency, which does not have special units for the management of such facilities, there are numerous violations of current legislation on nature reserves.

After all, only a centralized management system of the relevant body will help maintain compliance with the legal regime in these areas and optimize the activities of national nature parks.