Expenditures On The Penitentiary System In The Structure Of Indirect Consequences Of Crime

  • I.B. Medytskyi
Keywords: consequences of crime, penitentiary system, penitentiary system, «cost», state budget, allocation.


The article substantiates the importance of economic analysis of the activities of the penitentiary system in the context of the general problem of indirect consequences of crime. Based on the analysis of normative documents, scientific doctrine, taking into account the relevant statistical information, the activities of the penitentiary system in the structure of the consequences of crime, with an emphasis on its «cost» for the state and society.

An analysis of budget allocations to ensure the activities of the penitentiary system during 2015-2020, noted the dynamics of their growth. The main shortcomings that affect the efficiency of the penitentiary system and create an additional burden on the budget are identified, should be associated with the following levels (blocks): 1) regulatory level (block). The need for radical changes and systemic changes in the penitentiary system, although fixed at the legislative level, has not yet been transformed in the form of adopted laws. We are talking primarily about the «profile» law, which would determine the conceptual basis for the implementation of penitentiary policy of Ukraine, the creation and operation of the penitentiary system of Ukraine; 2) economic level (block). Despite the increase in funding, development expenditures, which are the quintessence of the announced course of reforming the penitentiary system of Ukraine (overhaul of penitentiary institutions, remand prisons, educational institutions and other institutions of the State Penitentiary System of Ukraine; implementation of measures in the field of informatization; acquisition equipment and facilities, including medical purposes) constitute an unacceptable percentage of the total amount of funding. It is stated that the budget of institutions and bodies of the State Penitentiary System of Ukraine continues to be the budget of «maintenance within the existing framework»; 3) organizational and managerial level (block).