Vector-Level System Of Criminal Law Policy


  • I.V. Kozych


crime prevention policy, criminal law policy, political and legal system, levels of criminal law policy, vectors of criminal law policy.


In this article, the author offers his own approaches to the levels of criminal law policy. In the scientific literature, as a rule, the criterion of classification determines the functional and organizational component of criminal law policy, which is not exactly correlated with the term «level», which, first of all, is associated with a certain degree of development of something, and, secondly, inevitably evokes the association of finding one level above or below another. Levels cannot be considered as higher or lower, as they are a manifestation of the implementation of a function of criminal law policy. They are equal in importance. Terminologically, the concept of «level» is more appropriate, for example, to the administrative-territorial criteria of the spread of criminal law policy.

The term «vector» is used to denote foreign and domestic policy and their spheres, and for all other cases - «direction». The article states that public policy branches into two independent vectors: foreign policy and domestic policy.

According to the author, domestic policy, depending on the administrative- territorial system, is divided into levels, and for the national level is characterized by the presence of both subjects of creation and subjects of policy implementation, and for the regional and local level - usually only sub. implementation projects.

The article summarizes that the criminal law policy has a clear vector-level scheme, which reflects the peculiarities of its functioning in public policy.