Features Of “Non-Governmental Organizations” In The Sphere Of Counter Of Crime

  • M.O. Yatsyna
Keywords: non-governmental organization, counteraction, crime, UN Congress, Council of Europe.


Taking into account global trend that fight against crime and crime prevention can be successful only if we consolidate public authority’ and society’ efforts all together, the need of study of non-governmental organizations involvement in process of combating crime is necessary. Recent developments of civil society in Ukraine shows us the rise of role of non-governmental organizations in state affairs, and sphere of combating of crime is not an exception. At the same time, the term “non-governmental organizations” seems to be quite new for Ukraine’ criminological science, as well as for legal science of Ukraine in a whole. That is why the study of legal nature of non-governmental organizations give us the chance to conduct deeper research about their impact into decision-making proses and formation of different kinds of state policies, including policy in the field of combating crime in Ukraine.

Therefore, the article is devoted to highlighting the characteristic features of nongovernmental organizations. Seems reasonable to start conduct such a research via study based on a logical and meaningful analysis of the regulatory documents of the Council of Europe. Where features of the concept of “non-governmental organization” are disclosed. Later on the right disclosure of features of non-governmental organizations, makes it possible to distinguish them from other similar legal forms (civil society organization, non-profit organization, voluntary citizens’ group etc.). Taking into account the global trends and the development of criminological science, the importance of further research on non-governmental organizations in the field of counter of crime is noted. A vital part in further research belongs to formation of a separate definition of “non-governmental organization” in the theory of Ukrainian’ legal science.