Crime In Ukraine: Consequences Of Emergencies And Catastrophes


  • I.B. Medytskyi



consequences of crime, price of crime, emergency situation, catastrophe


Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of the effects of the phenomenon, the article focuses on the magnitude and social dangers of modern careless crime associated with emergencies and disasters. The emergence of the latter is becoming increasingly real in the face of unacceptable public policy, lack of effective controls, effective prevention mechanisms, inaction of control and oversight bodies and corrupt components in conducting inspections.

The criminogenic dimension of socio-humanitarian and socio-economic losses of society is outlined: in the form of dead and injured persons, material losses, destroyed and damaged buildings and structures; the dynamics of emergencies was evaluated. It is argued that human resource reductions, physical harm to health, property and other losses are relevant to the development and implementation of effective state counteraction policies. The position was expressed on the urgent need to adopt a long-term concept of prevention (prevention) of offenses and approval of a plan of measures aimed at its implementation. The current level of lawmaking does not meet the requirements of systematic and interconnectedness in terms of adoption of regulatory acts by the legislative and executive branches of government.

The enforcement level, as the level of implementation of the policy of combating negligent crime related to emergencies and catastrophes, does not explicitly take into account the danger of its consequences. On the basis of the analysis of the statistical information of judicial and law enforcement agencies (2014-2018), the status of pretrial investigation and trial of cases of individual crimes against public safety and security of production was determined. The ineffectiveness of the work of the bodies of the prosecutor’s office in the part of the pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses envisaged by art. 270, 271-273, 275 of the Criminal Code ofUkraine was emphasized. The number of cases examined by the courts of Ukraine, as well as data on individuals whose life, health or material status were harmed, do not correspond to the actual state of negligent crime in the relevant sphere on a national scale.