Formation Of Information And Communication Function Of Criminal Policy

  • I.V. Kozych
Keywords: crime prevention policy, criminal policy, information society, information and communication function, information security.


In the article the author states that the transition of Ukraine (especially in the current conditions of «information war») to the information society, the development and dominance of the information sphere put forward the need for a high-quality state information policy that could consolidate the society and in the future ensure the achievement of the proper level. socio-economic development of the country.

The most important factor in the information society is the high professionalism and responsibility of participants in the information exchange (first of all, the media and authorities) and ensuring equal rights for all of its subjects.

So important is the role of information in the life of mankind and, consequently, of the institutions that own and transmit this information, raised the question of the wider use of information technologies than in everyday life, namely - at the state level, in the internal and foreign policy of the state. It is resumed that the period of formation of the legislative provision of the information-communication function of the criminal-law policy (up to 2001) was characterized by unsatisfactory activity of the executive power bodies in the formation of a secure (including criminal-legal means) information society.

The further development of state information policy should be carried out in the light of past (even negative) experience and with the obligatory involvement of the achievements and means of modern criminal law policy of Ukraine.