Legal Guarantees Of Media Independence In Ukraine And The European Union

  • T.V. Zbyrak
Keywords: media independence, freedom of the media, censorship, social protection of journalists.


The article is devoted to the analysis of legal guarantees of media independence in Ukraine and the European Union. The author believes that safeguards are a set of objective and subjective factors aimed at the practical protection of human rights and freedoms, to eliminate any obstacles to their full and proper implementation. The main purpose of the safeguards is to create the necessary conditions for the transformation of the rights and freedoms enshrined in the law from possibilities into reality.

It has been established that press freedom should be regarded as a guaranteed right or a guaranteed opportunity to freely establish, publish, edit, read, distribute, publish, publish and publish print media of your choice.

The author substantiates the division of guarantees of media independence into normative, institutional (organizational) and procedural immunity as a kind of guarantees of media activity. Legal safeguards include a set of legal norms that ensure the realization and protection of a set of rights that are included in the notion of media freedom. Constitutional guarantees of media freedom are an integral feature of a democratic media system. Guarantees of independence of the broadcasting regulatory bodies are provided first and foremost by the system of their formation.

The author has determined that additional measures are necessary to eliminate the restrictions that impede the strengthening and development of the information industry, its infrastructure, providing real support to the activities of journalists and providing specific rules for their protection, expanding the possibilities for access of citizens through this network to information submitted in foreign printed media. media, etc. The guarantee of media independence is also the establishment of disciplinary, civil, administrative or criminal liability.