Sources Of Corporate Law Of Ukraine : Features Of Systematization

  • O.S. Oliinyk
Keywords: source of right, corporate law, source of corporate law, systematization of sources of corporate law, corporate act.


In the article research is carried out and such fundamental legal category as «source of right» is analysed. A concept «source of right» is today multidimensional, can be examined as in wide so in a narrow value. On the specific of sources of right can influence him branch belonging. In the presented article the «source of right» is examined in a formal aspect and answers formal definiteness.

On the basis of the general theoretic going near a concept «source of right» a concept «source of corporate law» is certain in the article. Drawn conclusion, that source corporate it is an external form of expression of norms of corporate law. It is marked that legal nature of sources of corporate law is related to the concept of corporate law and concept of corporate legal relationships.

The concept of the system of sources of corporate law is offered in the article. Signs over of the system of sources of corporate law are brought. Criteria are marked for classification of sources of corporate law, that are in basis of the system. Drawn conclusion, that basic structural parts of the system of sources of corporate law are normatively-legal acts, corporate acts, normative agreement, corporate customs, judicial practice.

In the article the author supported the position that corporate law is an integral part of civil law. Therefore, the sources of corporate law are an integral part of civil law sources. The author divides the sources of corporate law for their legal force, under the subjects of rulorcreativity, by means of acceptance, for the purpose of adoption. The article emphasizes the importance of corporate acts in the regulation of corporate legal relations. Corporate acts in the article are considered as actions aimed at emergence or realization of corporate legal personality of participants of corporate education. It is concluded that corporate acts have a contractual, and not a lawful nature. It is stated that when creating corporate acts both public and private interests of interested participants are taken into account.