Force Majeure For Contract Agreement

  • I.Ya. Kostiv
Keywords: force majeure; out-of-strength; responsibility; ringing out of sight.


Agricultural production is an activity characterized by a high degree of risk. First of all it is caused by unpredictability of weather conditions and natural disasters. In addition, armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, annexation of the Crimea, strikes, industrial accidents - all these conditions affect the quantity and quality of products, as well as the timing of fulfillment of obligations.

Therefore, the topic of force majeure is extremely relevant to agricultural producers, as a basis for exemption from liability for failure or improper performance of the contract.

The onset of force majeure is the basis for the release of the guilty person from responsibility for non-fulfillment (breach) of its contractual obligation, tract, agreement. At the same time, the onset of force majeure must be duly certified (verified) in accordance with compliance with the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine and the terms of the agreement thief, as one party to the contract may require the other payment of penalties (in case of improperly confirmed-whether or not confirmation of the occurrence of force majeure). List of circumstances of force majeure and their order confirmation is agreed by the parties directly in the contractri. Often the parties assume that the evidence of force majeure The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine implements the most serious circumstances

The article is dedicated to understanding “force majeure” and “excessive power” as well as to the specificities of the contract for the contractual contract for the nonnegotiable settlement of the contract.

Therefore, in order to prevent the parties to the contractual contraction from possible negative situations in the future, it is necessary to determine from the outset what the circumstances will be considered as force majeure, what will confirm the occurrence of such circumstance, the timing of notification of the other party about such circumstances, etc.