Concept And Features Of A Science Park: General Theoretical Approaches

  • M.O. Bohatchuk
Keywords: science park, legal entity, concept of science park, features of science park.


The article reveals the concepts and features of science parks as participants in civil legal relationships according to Ukrainian legal system. The article presents Ukrainian scientists who study the problems of functioning of scientific parks in the system of civil legal relations. The set of general theoretical concepts of understanding of the science park in Ukraine is also given in the article. The conclusion of the concept is summarized in the research and the science park is defined. The author proposes the following recognition of the concept that is studied: a science park is a legal entity created at the initiative of a higher education institution, a scientific institution and / or a partner of a science park by pooling contributions from founders to organize, coordinate, control the process of designing and executing science park projects. Particular attention is paid by author to the diversity of approaches to understanding the concept of science parks and the specific features of science parks. The researcher investigates the characteristics of the above legal entity in the legislation of Ukraine, as well as characterizes each of the features. The concept of understanding the science park as an entrepreneurial entity is also outlined in the research. The author is making a conclusion that these features according to Ukrainian law are: creation and registration in accordance with the procedure established by law; the ability to have civil rights and legal capacity; the right to be a plaintiff and defendant in court; the presence of organizational unity the opportunity to be independently responsible for property; the ability to speak on your own behalf in a civil circulation.