Land Use And Protection Control Of Ukraine: Control Function


  • O.A. Vivcharenko



control, form of activity, subjects, objects, protection of land, owners, land users, natural resources.


The article explores the legal problems of control on the use and protection of the lands of Ukraine. Specific tasks, functions, controls, forms and methods of its implementation are covered, which defined in the Law of Ukraine «On State Control of Land Use and Protection» of 19 June 2003.

Important means of controlling land use and protection are: land monitoring, state cadastre and land management. The State Land Cadastre is an important function of the state land management, through which the state influences the process of rational use and protection of land resources. The state land cadastre is designed to provide local governments, interested businesses and citizens with information about land for the purpose of organizing its rational use and protection. It contains a system of necessary information and documents on the legal regime of land, their distribution through landowners and land users, including tenants, by land categories, etc.

Land use control and protection is one of the important functions of public administration in this area of public relations. Land control should be considered not only as a function but also as a legal form of activity.

It should be noted that control is exercised: a) for all subjects of land relations, and not only for legal and natural persons; b) applies to all land irrespective of ownership.

Specific tasks, functions of control over land use and protection, as well as forms and methods of its implementation as defined in the Law of Ukraine «On State Control of Land Use and Protection» of 19 June 2003.

As a conclusion, the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of land use and protection control distinguishes between state control over land use and protection and state control over the observance of land protection legislation. The first concept is broader than the second, which reflects on the scope of powers of state bodies in this field.