Humanitarian And Socio-Economic Consequences Of Motorization In Ukraine: The Criminogenic Aspect


  • I.B. Medytskyi



consequences of crime, price of crime, road accidents, motorization of population.


The article substantiates the necessity of obligatory consideration of criminological information on the consequences of motor crimes in order to increase the effectiveness of criminological and criminal legal policies. Criminologically relevant information on the consequences of motor vehicle crime is characterized by its incompleteness and fragmentation, without giving an idea of the true «price» of this variety for Ukrainian society. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis of the consequences of the phenomenon, the attention was paid to the scale and social danger of motor crime in modern conditions.

Based on the analysis of statistical information of the courts and law enforcement agencies over the past five years, the level of road traffic injuries is outlined, the dynamics compared to the previous year is revealed, the characteristics of the victims of criminal offenses in the field of road safety and transport operation are specified, the size of the caused material and moral damage. In the criminogenic context, an analysis of the humanitarian (the number of dead and injured as a result of road accidents) and the socio-economic consequences of motorization in the country (the cost of human life and the total losses from road accidents).

Existing approaches to determining the cost of human life and the overall level of losses to the state as a result of road accidents have been systematized. Taking into account the average life expectancy, macroeconomic indicators of the state development, the average age of those killed as a result of criminal violations of traffic safety rules or the operation of transport, and the number of victims, the total economic losses for the society for 2018 were determined.

It has been stated that the practice of application by the courts of separate criminal law rules on crimes against traffic safety and operation of transport does not correlate with the declared Criminal Code of Ukraine for the purpose of punishment for the committed, as well as general and special prevention.