Legal Aspects Of Public Control For Information Safety In Ukraine

  • I.I. Petrovska
Keywords: information, information society, information activity, national safety, information safety, protection of information, information war


The author analyzes the legal principles of ensuring national safety and its type - information safety in Ukraine. The study reveals the principles of state security policy. The article deals with the implementation of the idea of the unity of Ukraine through the provision of national safety in information activities (in particular regarding the receipt, use, dissemination, transformation, refutation and protection of information, its sufficiency and truthfulness).

Separate analysis of the threats to national safety and the issue of informing about the activities of public figures, individual methods of information war.

Consequently, the legal acts of Ukraine define the directions of the state policy, public officials, the basic methods of ensuring national safety and its type - information safety.

The state policy on national safety is aimed at ensuring state, economic, information, military, foreign policy, ecological safety, cyber safety of Ukraine on the basis of implementation of relevant strategies, legal acts of the information sphere. For law enforcement activities in the field of information safety is carried out democratic civilian control (which is a kind of public control).