The Concept Of "Consumer" In Civil Law: Doctrinal Approaches


  • I.I. Banasevych


consumer, legal status, consumer agreement, personal need, individual entrepreneur.


The scientific article is devoted to the problem of theoretical understanding of the definition of "consumer", which has not found its final solution in the scientific field, as there are different approaches to its internal content. The article provides an additional theoretical understanding of the concept of "consumer" in order to clarify the terminology used by the legislator. At the same time, the analysis of modern civilistic scientific researches, as well as international legal documents, the current legislation of Ukraine and the legal positions of the judicial bodies was carried out. The article defines the concept of "consumer" who is proposed to be considered as an individual, including an entrepreneur who purchases (otherwise acquires ownership or use) or orders goods (robots, services) or intends to purchase ( otherwise acquire ownership or use) or order goods (works, services) for personal or other non-business purposes. The author also identified a number of shortcomings in the legal regulation of the outlined legal relations and suggested suggestions for their elimination.