Main Information Reference Systems Of Other Ministries And Departments In The Investigation Of Robberies

  • S.M. Krul
Keywords: information, information, evidence, information and reference software in.


The need to use information in the investigation of any of the information, regardless of their subordination and direct appointment follows logically from the fact that objects of any variety act counts material world objects and events. Notable among these are the people who in the course of their life activities are accounting objects in different systems. They are recorded by place of birth, education, residence, work as users various tools (weapons, vehicles, etc.) and so on. Al. Some objects are forensic information systems. And in the case of their involvement in criminal activities there is a need retrospective analysis of previous life, belonging to a particular activity, events and more. In the context of accounting information in the fight against organized crime VP Bahin said: «In the specialized accounting MIA and SBU are many different institutions, which records a variety of acts and actions of citizens. Indeed, an analysis of the practice of investigating crimes eloquently that the information that may be useful in the investigation can be found in any information systems regardless of the underlying purpose and subordination.

The practice of investigation of crimes, including robbery, can not be limited to use with just one category of records - forensic, though designed specifically for its support. Always there is a need to use a wide range of information about the objects that fall within the scope of the investigation. In science, attempts are made to correct this situation - this is evidenced by the expansion of the subject investigated teachings. The above gives grounds to speak about the need to review and improve forensic individual teaching, which addresses the use of accounting information in the investigation of crimes.

In the article the basic information and reference systems of other ministries and departments as part of information and reference software robbery investigation.