Criminological Characteristic Of The Offender Who Commits An Offense Related To The Use Of A Young Child For Begging

  • A.V. Dan
Keywords: criminological characteristics, person of a criminal, begging, criminological portrait.


The article deals with conceptual apparatus used in criminological science for definition of a person of a criminal. Based on an analysis of 117 sentences passed by the courts of Ukraine against 119 persons for the commission of a crime envisaged in Art. 150-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the author distinguished socio­demographic, criminal and law, social and role, moral and psychological features that form a typical portrait of a criminal. The offender, who uses a small child for begging, has the following characteristics: a female person (92.4%), the vast majority of whom have a child (81.5%), a young age - 25-40 years (77.4%), a citizen of Ukraine (95.8%) of Roma nationality (53.8%), as a rule, has incomplete secondary education (52.1%) or without education (34.5%), unemployed (98.3%) without venerable the reasons (68.9%), the rural dweller (51.3%), has a permanent residence, is unmarried (68.1%), has two or more children (68.9%), has not been convicted (74 , 8%).