The Concept And Classification Of Health Protection Zones According To The Legislation Of Ukraine

  • I.V. Shukalo
Keywords: health protection zone; concept of the health protection zone as a legal category; classification of health protection zones.


The article is devoted to research of the actual issues regarding the legal regulation of the health protection zones in Ukraine. In particular, there defined and shown the legal approaches to understanding of concept and essence of the health protection zones. Establishment of the health protection zones around various environmentally fragile objects ensures the ecological safety of the population while operating the extreme danger source as well as the additional compliance, the monitoring compliance with the environmental standards. The health protection zone is the main single protective barrier from the sources having the adverse impact over environment, human habitat and his health.

The author analyzes the different normative legal acts, which are regulating the health protection zones in Ukraine and provide the opportunity to carry out their detailed classification. There will be the possibility to understand the essence, the purpose, the mechanism of establishing the appropriate zones in details. It is concluded that the health protection zones are divided on the grounds of 1) mechanism of establishment, 2) scope of application depending on the types of enterprises.

Taking into account the imperfection and dispersion of the current normative provisions, the author has proposed to define the health protection zone as a clearly outlined special area between the boundaries of industrial enterprises, manufacturing, and other environmentally fragile objects and the area of human settlements with a special regime of functioning, which is established around the sources of negative impact over environment and human habitat. This is required to reduce the adverse impact of the manufacturing factors over the health of the population and the environment in general.