Views P. E. Kazanskyi About Teaching At The Law Schools

  • V.V. Mazurenko
Keywords: P. E. Kazanskyi, law teaching, international law, Odessa law school, Ukrainian legal education.


The article deals with the activities and views of P. E. Kazanskyi to teach law.

This article explores the role of P. E. Kazanskyi in the reform of legal education. Also the role of P. E. Kazanskyi in the formation of the teaching tradition of the Odessa School of Law is described.

The purpose of this article is to characterize the views of P. E. Kazanskyi about teaching in law schools and their significance for modern Ukrainian legal education in the light of ongoing reforms.

The article proves that the works of P. E. Kazanskyi on the issue of reforming the teaching of law are really relevant and to date, and its developments on these issues can be used in the current conditions of the reform of legal education in Ukraine.