International Legal Experience Of Foreign Knowledge Of The Consequences / Price Of Crime

  • I.B. Medytskyi
Keywords: the consequences of crime, the price of crime, the structure of crime, the conseqenciology of crime.


The author focuses on one of the most unexplored categories of criminological science - the consequences of crime. Despite the fundamental nature of the issue, the consequences of crime determine the whole system of combating it, there are very few comprehensive developments in this regard. This article aims to expand the criminological theory in part of the study of foreign experience in criminological analysis of the effects of crime. The work of foreign scholars is lengthy in time and productive in their conclusions, which requires a thorough analysis of the possibilities of extrapolation.

Using the relevant statistics, the problem of the consequences of crime for the United States and a number of European states is shown, the structure of their losses from it is revealed: through causing crimes of different types and severity; the final recipients of the harm done - individuals, societies, states; costs of maintaining the system of criminal justice bodies. An analysis of the positions of foreign criminologists on the possibilities and ways of determining the total stratum of society from crime; their proposals for the inclusion in the structure of the category of «consequences of crime» of those or other elements.

It is noted that the calculated data on the losses from crime in a number of foreign countries fluctuate substantially within rather broad limits, which is explained by significant features in the methodology and methods of their research. The study of foreign scientists of the fundamental problem of the consequences / price of crime testifies to a significant evolutionary path from the proposals for the calculation of purely direct losses of society (which can be reflected in the monetary sense) to a more complex understanding and additions at the expense of losses that are extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to calculate in cash equivalents.