Commitments In The Sphere Of Tourism As A Civil Legal Relations

  • V.O. Kokhanovskyi
Keywords: obligations, sphere of tourism, tourist product, absolute and obligatory civil legal relations, property and personal non-property civil legal relations.


The article deals with the obligations in the field of tourism in the understanding of civil legal relations which is the most common approach in the theory of civil law. Attention is drawn to the fact that in the sphere of tourism it is important to consider the obligations in the understanding of legal relations, duties or debt and documents in which this duty is fixed. It is proposed to define obligations as predominantly, but not necessarily, property relations. It is proved that civil legal relations in the field of tourism are in practice extremely heterogeneous in content, especially given the heterogeneity of the tourism product itself in the modern realities of the information society, as well as the emergence of self-sufficient, self-sufficient and even completely independent types of tourism. Part of the relations in the sphere of tourism arises in connection with the realization by the tourist of their absolute civil rights in which the right of one person to the object of civil rights is opposed by the duty of all other members of society not to violate the rights of the subject in the sphere of tourism. Meanwhile, the main place in the sphere of tourism is the legal relationship between certain persons within the limits of which the satisfaction of the interests of one person is carried out through the performance of their debt by the other party of these specific legal relations. The appeal to the doctrine of civil law in matters of the concept and types of legal relations in the sphere of tourism, in particular the obligations, has acquired special importance and timeliness at the current stage of tourism development, which began in the 21st century as a result of the dissemination of information technology achievements.