Law Enforcement Mechanisms In The Science Of Labor Law


  • N.V. Kokhan


mechanism pravovovho regulations, labor relations, law enforcement, the application of the law, legal regulations, the employer and the employee, the implementation of regulations, enforcement activities.


This article states that enforcement activity is a form of activity of the state. A mechanism of enforcement. Established that the legal nature of law is a specific form of the law, means the organization and implementation of the law and legal means of state influence on social relations and their regulation. At the same time, in the process of law and accepted individual and specific requirements for which there are changing and terminate specific subjective rights and duties personally-identified persons.

Enforcement as a special form of government consists of a set of legal requirements, permits, enforcement regulations aimed at for performance management through decisions of individual character, execution of decisions and organizing the relevant decisions taken. Thus, the legal regulation is achieved not only through the automatic action of law, but also through the adoption of regulations enforcement. Thus, the relationship of law are the legal relationship between managers and subordinates entities; This is legal because they are aimed at implementing the law and carried out the legal forms and generated right. In some cases, enforcement relations arising on the implementation of existing relationships, others - prior to the occurrence of certain relationships that serve their original result, but sometimes they provide normal implementation of other law enforcement relations.

It also pointed out that the application of law is an activity that is to set pidnormatyvnyh formally binding rules of conduct personalized individual entities to create the conditions necessary for the implementation of such rules.

Thus, the subjects of law enforcement in labor law should be considered not only public bodies and officials, public associations and their officials, and especially law enforcement agents have major organs and officials of employers and other bodies that carry out law enforcement activities labor law and are subjects of labor law.