To The Question About The Graunds Of Liquidation Of Corporate Investment Fund

  • M.B. Danyliuk
Keywords: corporate investment funds, liquidation of legal entities, liquidation of corporate investment funds.


The institute of termination of a legal entity as the subject of civil legal relations is of great legal, social and economic importance, as retirement subject of civil relationships are the result of the termination of civil rights and obligations of the latter. Since the independence of Ukraine, economic and legal reforms that made it significantly influenced the development of the institute of legal entity. In recent years Ukraine has adopted a large number of regulations that determine the order terminating certain types of legal entities of private law. The liquidation of private law legal entities, including corporate investment funds, is a complex process which requires not only detailed legal regulation, but careful study. The article studies the issue of liquidation of corporate investment funds as a form of a legal entity of private law.