Separate Questions Of Legal Regulation Of Remedial Subsoil Resources Use And Protection

  • O.A. Hrytsan
Keywords: subsoil, remedial resources, subsoil mineral waters, resort.


In the article it is researched the peculiarities of legal regulation of relations concerning remedial subsoil resources use and protection. The state of modern legislation in this area is analyzed, the existing problems are separated and the offers as to their solution are stated.

Some measures can not solve the problem of the protection of the therapeutic geological environment, since along with the creation of speleological objects in these territories, further mining of salt is planned. Such activity may have economic significance, but it will harm the unique geological objects. Therefore, it is expedient in this case to introduce a mining and sanitary district for areas within which therapeutic caves are located. By analogy with the legal regime of the sanitary protection district of the resort, any economic or other activity that may adversely affect the geological objects with a therapeutic microclimate should be prohibited in this zone, and only measures to maintain their condition, protection against flooding underground waters, etc.