The Mechanism Of Legal Regulation Of Land Relations In Ukraine

  • O.A. Vivcharenko
Keywords: institute legal land protection, land law, environmental law, rule of law, rule of law, a legitimate government, effective government, natural resources.


The article analyzes the problems of implementation mechanism of regulation of land relations in Ukraine. Presents the views of leading Ukrainian and foreign researchers and analysts presented topics. The main current problems concerning the mechanism of regulation of land relations. Also, the basic causes that affect the implementation of legal regulation of land relations in Ukraine.

In the context of consideration of the mechanism of protection regulation, the legislative requirement regarding the use of land for their intended purpose, which is traditional in the law of land, is important, but its theoretical definition has long been absent in land law.

An important role in the implementation of the tasks of legal protection of land is played by the state through the implementation of a number of its functions, which are enshrined in the current legislation [3, p.600], in particular by: legislative regulation of land relations; development and implementation of national and local programs for rational land use, enhancement of soil fertility, protection of land resources in conjunction with other environmental protection measures.