Construction Of The Critical Infrastructure Protection System In Ukraine Using The Experience Of The Foreign Security Sector

  • O.P. Yermenchuk
Keywords: critical infrastructure, security sector, Security Council of Ukraine


In Ukraine, the creation of a critical infrastructure protection system has been initiated at the national level. For this purpose, the development of defining the strategic objectives of the state policy in the field of critical infrastructure protection, the principles of building a critical infrastructure protection system, and the tasks of such a system is underway. However, at the present time there is no systematic approach to managing the protection and security of the whole complex, objects and resources, taking into account the interconnectedness of objects that are assigned to the critical infrastructure. In addition, there is still no mechanism for preventing possible risks and threats occurring during the operation of a critical infrastructure.

The protection of critical infrastructure should take proper place in the activities of the bodies of the Security Council of Ukraine and be the object of provision in the interdepartmental security coordinate system. Undoubtedly, an important role in this process is to be played by the Security Council of Ukraine, as the body entrusted with the task of ensuring state security. An important activity of the SCU should be the prevention of risks and threats to the critical infrastructure of the state.

Accordingly, the Security Council of Ukraine has expedited the expediency of defining, at the regulatory and legal levels, the critical infrastructure protection and improvement of existing forms and methods of work.