«Institutional And Legal Basis Of The Internal Affairs Of The USSR At Western Ukrainian Lands»

  • L.T. Prystash
Keywords: repression, counter-revolutionaries, special settlements, command- administrative system.


In the scientific article the author examines the legal status and activities of government bodies of internal affairs, especially in the course of performing their specific problems - political, military mobilization, economic, and operational intelligence, repressive.

The legal foundations for the organization and operation of administrative and law enforcement agencies, including the Interior, was aimed primarily at suppressing the «political banditry», «counter-revolution», which are identified as anti-Soviet speeches disgruntled population.

Thepolitics of Sovietization by Bolshevik regime carried out rapidly and rough command-administrative methods using mass repression and terror at the state level. These socio-economic, ideological and religious conversion were the main cause of the mass movement of resistance in the western regions of the USSR and the head of the OUN and then UPA and thus led to active development and widespread nationalist underground, which strive to prepare armed uprising against Soviet rule.