Factor Of Nuclear Weapon In The Process Of The Ukrainian Statehood

  • S.V. Adamovych
Keywords: nuclear weapon, independence, non-nuclear status, national revival, unity, international security.


The process of gaining the Ukraine's independence and statehood development in the context of ensuring the unity and the defense of the country are analyzed in the article. The author of the study devoted particular attention to the process of acquiring non-nuclear status of Ukraine, which took place as a result of international political pressure of the USA and Russian Federation, shortsighted hasty decisions of the Ukrainian authorities and as a result of difficult socio-political and socio-economic situation in the country. The researcher of the article also paid attention to the potential opportunities and probable geopolitical consequences of the returning nuclear status by Ukraine in the future. The author considers possible to implement in Ukraine the measures to establish a closed cycle of production of nuclear materials and to return the nuclear status after appropriate international consultations, at the same time making efforts to create a non-nuclear defense system of the country.