Managed Chaos And Offenses


  • I.H. Kharchenko


chaos, crowds, crime, conflict offense, offense, morality prevention, prevention, detection, investigation


This article is devoted to the study of the riot, the management mechanism in this kind of crime and disclosure of the concept of controlled chaos. Defined and given concept crowd flashmob and criminal carnival A statistical analysis of crimes committed in Ukraine for 2016 investigated the origins and historical aspect riots brought a sociological analysis of the causes of criminalization of society. Posted direction of prevention and combating this type of offense Since the creation of «smart mob» is not a «natural response to sudden events» and is part of the concerted action ha- otyzatsiyi social situation, this process requires quite konkretnyh resources - organizational, financial, information, technical. The main issue of prevention «smart mob» - finding out who, how many and which resources allocated and who, how and when is going to use them. It is ironic sounds, but it is the answer to these questions is not «terrible» secret - they are discussed at forums merezhevyh printed in the papers discussed in TV debates.