The Question Of The Relationship Directions Criminal-Legal And Criminal Procedure Policy

  • M.O. Krasii
Keywords: directions, fight against crime, criminal liability, adjudication.


The article is devoted to the topical issue of the relationship directions of criminal-legal and criminal procedure policy. Investigated that relationship two directions policy is based on the Institute of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, grouping objects crimes (of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and criminal procedural institutions.

The author identifies the following areas:

  1. Depending on the relationship of the common substantive law of procedural rules:
  • identification of crime socially dangerous acts on the basis and subject of proof of a crime;
  • differentiation of criminal responsibility and individualization of a guilty verdict;
  • establish the grounds and procedure for application of general and specific types of exemption from criminal liability for the offense;
  • institute legal consequences of conviction and the order of withdrawal and repayment of conviction;
  • the duration of detention in sentence;
  • the procedure and grounds for the use of coercive measures of medical and educational nature.
  1. Depending on the relationship special rules of substantive law of procedural rules:

1) penal policy to combat corruption offenses and criminal procedural policies concerning jurisdiction corruption offenses;

2) penal policy to combat crimes against justice and criminal procedure Policy precautions and detention.