Conseqenciology Of Crime: General Theoretical Questions Of Classification

  • I.B. Medytskyi
Keywords: the impact of crime, the consequences of crime classification, types of consequences of crime.


The author focuses on one of the most unexplored categories of criminological science - the consequences of crime. In spite of the fundamental nature of the question, the consequences of crime determine the whole system of combating it, there are very few comprehensive developments in this regard. This article aims to expand the criminological theory in the part of the classification schemes of the consequences of crime, which will promote a deeper understanding of their content, the mechanism of education, will enable, implementing criminological policies, to choose the priority, in terms of preventive influence, objects.

The analysis of classification schemes of the consequences of crime, known to criminological science, based on the main criteria of division: content (character), mechanism of their influence; assessing the degree of their criminogenicity; the nature of the damage caused; the possibility of restoring the «previous state»; latency and others. The suggestion to develop the criterion of content (character) by the analysis of political, economic, social and personal consequences of crime is expressed; given the features of contemporary crime is justified, in terms of criminological knowledge, to allocate its international consequences. In the context of identifying trends and patterns of possible crime development, the author proposes to investigate the perspective (predicted) effects of crime.