Principles And Functions As System-Forming Elements Of Criminallaw Policy

  • I.V. Kozych
Keywords: criminal-law policy, functions of criminal-legal policy, principles of criminal-legal policy.


Having its own specific tasks arising from its functions, criminal law is implemented by certain methods based on the relevant principles. But it should be borne in mind that the principles and functions of criminal policy are not identical with the functions and principles of criminal law. And if the principles and functions of criminal law are developed in modern science, the issues of the principles and functions of criminal-law policy are investigated fragmentarily, as a rule, as part of research with another subject and object.

Criminal policy as a subsystem of crime policy and, ultimately, a component of state legal policy ensures implementation on the basis of the principles of certain functions, which, obviously, will differ depending on different approaches. Despite certain differences, in the modern political science distinguish the most important functions of politics.

In the article the author proves the need for deep theoretical investigations of the principles, functions, methods and tasks of criminal-law policy in order to obtain real effective results.