An Analysis Of Practice Of Forming And Use Of Model Collections Is In Investigation Of Crimes

  • S.V. Kaduk
Keywords: actual collections, accounting of expert service, accounting information.


Collection of firearms have been and remain necessary in the practice of investigation of crimes. The study sent many specimens of modern firearms. However, the information is usually absent. Reference forensic assignments are outdated and do not contain the required information about the latest weapons. The way out of this situation find thanks to field collections.

To fill gaps in necessary information about the weapons (descriptions of the relevant sldovatelno parts, their shapes, locations on the bullets and cartridge cases) experts are shooting ammo with weapon models available in nature collection. If necessary, establish which systems factory firearms manufactured individual components, mechanisms and details provided for the research object, a weapon borrowed certain parts and components.

In the system of State scientific-research expert center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, as already noted, established and operating group of explosive and explosive services (rights division, Department). This primarily was due to the increase in the number of crimes involving explosive devices . Such units formed in situ collection of explosive devices of industrial and home-made manufacturing, and ammunition. It is used: to establish group identity of objects seized from illicit trafficking (explosives and explosive devices)

Summarizing the above information, we can conclude that forensic experts, investigators are not sufficiently informed about the forms of use of field collections to underestimate their ability and therefore the efficiency of application of field collections in the investigation of crimes remains relatively low. Should be published in special reference books for investigators, judges and experts, a list of available databases. These lists will serve for the indication on where to obtain the necessary information.