The Methodological Significance Of The Categories «Periods» And «Terms» In The Civil Law Of Ukraine


  • V.V. Luts


term, social time, civil legal relations, legal facts, facts-states, obligations.


The article considers an important methodological role of such time categories as «period» and «term». It is determined that the rights and obligations established in the legal relations ensure the possibility of committing by their subjects certain actions aimed at achieving the legitimate goals, therefore the regulation of the action in time of subjective rights and obligations is an important means of legal influence on the behavior of participants in public relationships.

It is emphasized that certain forms of manifestation of time correspond to different levels and forms of motion of matter. The peculiarities of social time as a form of the movement of social matter, which consists in the fact that it imprints the dialectical connection of the objective and subjective, necessity and freedom existing only in society.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the delimitation of the categories «terms» and «term» has an important methodological significance not only for civil law, but also for understanding the relevant time concepts when applying the norms of family, housing, land, ecological, economic and other branches of legislation.

It is proposed to supplement Part 3 of Art. 263 of the Central Committee pointing out that from the day of termination of circumstances that were the basis for suspending the limitation period, the limitation period, taking into account the time elapsed before its suspension, extends to one year, and if the limitation period was less than one year - until the term limitation period.