Crime Prevention As The Scope Of Cooperation Between The Penal And The Criminological (Preventive) Policiesof Ukraine

  • Yu.V. Kerniakevych-Tanasiichuk
Keywords: the penal policy of Ukraine, the criminological (preventive) policy of Ukraine, prevent recidivism, penal crime prevention, the authorities and penal institutions.


Assertion about the close relationships between the penal and the criminological (preventive) policies of Ukraine can be considered axiomatic can drequiresno additional arguments to prove. Appropriate interaction due fixture as the penal and the criminological (preventive) policy to such a complex system of political and legal phenomenon as a policy in the fight against crime, which also includes criminal law and criminal procedural components. As structural policy in the fight against crime, the penal and the criminological (preventive) policy share a common goal-reducing crime.

The criminological (preventive) policy is a state activity in the prevention of crime. Crime prevention cans till be called meaning fu l fullness criminological (preventive) policy.

Simultaneously, the main source of penal policy-the Penal Code of Ukraine among the go also f penal legislation called the prevention of new crimes as prisoners, and others. So for the penal policy a criminological function(the prevention of crime) is inherent.

The relationship of the penal and the criminological (preventive) policies appears that prison crime is subject to the influence of the criminological (preventive) policy. The authorities and penal institutions serve not only be are rs of penal policy, they simultaneously serve as subjects of crime prevention.

The main means of the correction and social recovery of prisoners, among them central to the mode (order and subject to imprisonment), are endowed criminological function.

The penal policy in teracts with the criminological (preventive) policy in the field of prevention of recidivism, which features as part of prison crime.