Types Of Shareholders’ Resolutions In Private Limited Companies

  • Piotr Pinior
Keywords: private limited company, general meeting, resolution of shareholders.


The provisions concerning private limited companies in Poland provide for four methods in which resolutions are passed by shareholders: during formally convened general meetings, during meetings held without having been officially called (art. 240 CCC), in writing without a need to hold a meeting (art. 227 § 2 CCC) and by means of the ICT system, also called e-voting (art. 2401 CCC). Resolutions of shareholders must be treated as the resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders, as is the case with the shareholders’ meeting, written resolutions and voting in the ICT system, given that the resolutions come from an organ of a legal person, irrespective of the manner of their adoption.
Taking into account the requirements for the resolutions, the written vote, voting in the ICT system or resolutions adopted without officially calling a general meeting can be used in practice in single-member companies or in companies with a small number of shareholders. It should also be noted that voting in the ICT system is accessible only to the companies established by means of the model deed in the electronic registration system for private limited companies and the scope of the resolutions adopted by way of the ICT system is rather narrow.


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