Perspectives Of Using Artificial Intelligence In Critical Infrastructure Protection System In Ukraine

  • Nataliia Yuzikova
Keywords: artificial intelligence, protection of critical infrastructure


The crisis situation in which the state was, negatively affects the change of social values, the stratification of the population by income, leads to dysfunctionality of social institutions and moral disorientation of a part of society.
Environmental disasters, threats of terrorist activity, extremist activity and the radicalization of the terrorist movement, cybercrime are negatively reflected in the functioning of critical infrastructure objects of the state, and accordingly, at the level of social security. This, in turn, requires the state to pay particular attention to timely detection of risks, threats and emergency response, as well as appropriate legal and technical support for the establishment of a proper critical infrastructure protection system based on the relevant information field.
The more information in the arsenal of law enforcement and the scientific community, the better understanding of the nature of danger, the timely identification of threats and risks, and more opportunities for special measures of the critical infrastructure protection system in Ukraine and in the world.


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