Objects Of Intellectual Property Rights As Objects Of Critical Infrastructure: Assessment Of Risks And Threats

  • Vadym Kharchenko
Keywords: intellectual property, object of critical infrastructure


Security embodies all spheres of various fields of life and development of man, society and the state and defines their security from internal and external threats. The place, role and priority of each of the elements of national security are determined by circumstances that actually form in a certain period of time. The national security of any state is a systemic category of law, political economy and political science, which is closely linked to the categories of economic independence and economic sovereignty. For its part, the economic security of the state is a state of equilibrium and socially oriented development of the national economic system, which is achieved by the implementation of a set of forms and methods of economic policy.
It is a matter of the state system of protection of objects of critical infrastructure, connected with the use of objects of intellectual property rights of other states, in any way it was not resolved. During the years of independence, Ukraine has not created any own software that protects the critical infrastructure objects or its own antivirus programs that would have the same purpose or at least a national social network that could be used to safeguard the national security from interference by foreign states.


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