Urban Underground Transport of Megapolis as an Object of Critical Infrastructure (Criminogenicity and Criminological Security)

  • Oleksandr Zhytnyi
  • Volodymyr Yemelianenko
Keywords: urban underground transport, critical infrastructure


The transport infrastructure of a large city is a branched, complex complex of material objects, vehicles, communication facilities, software, labor, financial and land resources. One of its important elements is the subway. Today in Ukraine these transport systems have three metropolitan areas: the cities of Dnipro, Kyiv and Kharkiv.
The subway is part of a unified transport system, a kind of urban electric transport, designed to carry citizens along established routes.
In order to prevent damage to life and health of people in the event of an emergency, it is not the territory of the subway (especially with regard to the part of passengers on platforms, in the lobbies), the awareness of passengers about rational behavior in such situations is important.