Development Of Critical Informational Infrastructure Protection System In Ukraine

  • Yuliia Dorokhina
Keywords: critical infrastructure, critical infrastructure protection system


The guarantee of the security and stability of the national critical infrastructure is a priority direction of the security policy of Ukraine, since critical infrastructure provides vital options for the population, the society and the state, without which it is impossible to secure the existence and ensure an adequate level of national security.
Critical information infrastructure is considered as the main component of the critical infrastructure of many countries, which is reflected in the relevant approaches to defining this concept. The main reasons for the criticality of the information component of the infrastructure stem from the rapid spread of information technology in all spheres of our lives and, accordingly, the growth of vulnerabilities and potential threats of various nature.
Protecting critical information infrastructure is not just an update of the terms in the current legislation, it is the introduction of a new approach. Its main components are the creation of a security partnership between all stakeholders, the organization of a comprehensive assessment of the threats to such infrastructure and their impact on the level of national security in its separate components, the creation of a mechanism for monitoring and preventing crises associated with the functioning of cyberspace.


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