The Quality Of Criminal Law Enforcement Of Crime Prevention In The Field Of Critical Infrastructure In Ukraine

  • Viktor Hryshchuk
Keywords: legislative technique, law on criminal liability, quality of legislation


The mechanism of criminal-law support for the quality of combating crime in any sphere of social existence is complex and multifaceted. It includes, in particular, the system of state and non-state bodies and organizations, the legislative basis for their activities, and international cooperation. Each of these elements must be endowed with the necessary qualitative tool properties.
The quality of the law directly depends on the quality of the legislative body, the deputies perceive the principles of law, their understanding of the rules of legislative technique, the importance of codification of legislation. This is a significant issue, since current legislators generally do not have legal professional knowledge in general and sufficient legal awareness, in particular due to the lack of proper legal education and law enforcement practice. Since there are such problems, the problem of improper quality of legislation is logical. This is especially apparent in cases where the law is not clearly formulated, obscure, contains ambiguous notions, contradictions. The situation is complicated by the lack of mandatory scientific expertise of the bills. All this together, it seems, does not allow to properly ensure the observance of the scientific principles of legislative technique, the implementation in law of each of the principles of law at the scientific level, while ensuring, without fail, their harmonious combination.