Criminological Assessment Of Risks And Threats In The Context Of Protection Of Critical Infrastructure In Ukraine (Regional Aspects)

  • Andrii Babenko
Keywords: criminological risks and threats, criminological assessment, critical infrastructure, protection of critical infrastructure


The article states that objects of critical infrastructure are traditionally considered enterprises and institutions of such sectors of the national economy as energy, chemical, food industry, transport, banks and finance, power engineering, including nuclear, gas, oil pipelines, information technologies and telecommunications (electronic communications), health care, utilities, etc.
Geopolitical stability in Ukraine with a high degree can hinder such criminological threats, such as: 1) high crime intensity in selected regions; 2) crimes of a terrorist nature; 3) the large volume of illicit trafficking of weapons from the local population; 4) high level of inclination of certain categories of population to violence; 5) negative state of social and socio-psychological situation (high suicide rate, unemployment, social tension, etc.); 6) factors of geopolitical character.