The Value Of Political Will To Penal Policy

  • Mykola Khavroniuk
Keywords: politics, political regime, political will, criminal law policy.


Politics (from the Greek Πολιτική), as is known - is the work of government in the polis (city, state). Later, the policy became known as the art of governance and society.
One of the state policies are penal policy, sometimes called criminological policy or policies in the fight against crime, or policies in the field of criminal justice or something.
Just like other types of policies, the latter aims to ensure human rights and freedoms and of the worthy conditions of life, strengthening social harmony, development and strengthening of the democratic social state of law.
The tool while one of the main subjects of policy are political parties.
Knowing the real huge problems of criminal law, you know, political will on penal policy in Ukraine does not exist or is it genuine, unsystematic and unprofessional.