On The Introduction Of Deprivation Of Citizenship For Committing «Separatist Crimes»

  • Nataliia Orlovska


One of the priority areas of combating terrorist crimes displays adjacent to them, infringe on national and public security was maximum diversity of legal measures for persons who are involved in criminal activity, and potential offenders.
The author emphasizes the knowledge of this trend can be on two points:
- First, the company needs efficient and appropriate steps to power, even if it were forced to give it certain rights and freedoms (will limit them);
- Secondly, these restrictions should find a legal regulation so that, in turn, clearly define the scope of such compulsion on society as a whole or its individual groups (social groups) and individuals.
Today ‘separatist offenses «in the Criminal Code of Ukraine does not exist. In general, the emergence of such structures is a negative factor, it suggests introducing in penal field conceptual terms, not peculiar to the current Criminal Code.
In the author’s view, it makes sense to discuss several areas of improving criminal legal reaction to the commission of these crimes:
- Strengthening penalties of imprisonment (eg in terms of the information war is hardly sanction st.110 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in accordance social danger of the crime);
- For foreigners as a measure criminal law can provide for expulsion from Ukraine and term / indefinite ban entry to Ukraine.


1. U danomu vypadku ne obhovoryuyut’sya propozytsiyi pozbavlyaty hromadyanstva za «antyderzhavni» vyslovlyuvannya, krytyku vlady ta polityky, shcho neyu provodyt’sya, toshcho (na kshtalt vyslovlyuvan’ nyzky rosiys’kykh deputativ riznykh rivniv).
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