Anti-Corruption Reforms And Challenges Facing The Ukrainian Criminal Law Science

  • Viacheslav Navrotskyi
Keywords: anti-corruption reform, criminal legal science


Combating corruption - is the main task of the Ukrainian state and society. Its implementation involves not only significant legislative changes taking place permanently, but also new approaches to law enforcement.
It is important to identify trends and development of legislation on liability for corruption offenses, to ascertain the ratio of current standards and legal stories.
Thus, science has put forward a warning about irrational changes in the law, at least once to ensure its stability as a prerequisite efficiency. Compliance of national legislation with the requirements of international instruments.
The article deals with making recommendations on practical application of criminal anti-corruption standards. In particular - in the form of resolutions higher judiciary.
Admissibility spread to a number of corruption offenses «extraordinary» provisions of the Criminal Law (death penalty or life imprisonment, non-use of old ban on parole from punishment, etc.)
Of course, the list of provisions, coverage of which is a duty and a matter of honor Ukrainian criminologists can and should continue.