Ukrainian Science Of Criminology In The Light Of Calls Of Present Time

  • Vladyslava Batyrharieieva
Keywords: ukrainian science of criminology, criminality.


The feature of any humanitarian science is a corresponding reflection on events that take place in society. And those cliches of actuality of realization of researches of criminology, that was used and continue to be used in works now, like «in the conditions of democratic transformations»., «with the aim of construction of the legal state». and other, already does not remove essence of that situation in the state, that carries out the massed influence on the criminogenic state in a country, and those tasks, that appear not only before practice of counteraction to criminality but also before the theoretical comprehension of many problems of criminology. It follows frankly to talk that we live in the epoch of public fracture.
The issue of the day of criminology is the illegal use of budgetary facilities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As registers in the special literature, the amount of these crimes during 2010-2012 increased almost in 2,5 times.
Criminality of the forcedly moved persons will appear all all sharper from the Luhansk and Donetsk areas. From official data, only in the Kharkiv area today there are 300 thousand such persons, id est every tenth habitant of Kharkiv Region is a migrant from Donbas.
Relatively «mastering» of money of the International monetary fund and International bank can appear the new type of criminal activity from a reconstruction and development with the use of corruption charts of the illegal enriching of individuals and private structures. It as yet raising problem, but sickly morale of our society can promote because this problem will become the system.


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