Behavioral Modeling Conflict As An Element Of Modern Dime-Conflict: Some Criminological [And Victimological] Aspects Of Human Vulnerability

  • Nataliia Savinova
Keywords: behavioral modeling conflict


The relevance of scientific exploration is justified by the lack of national doctrine modern evaluation models of information warfare and information mechanisms of aggression, which is an important component of the scientific basis for the formation of adequate and timely political and legal approaches and strategic means of countering such threats and influences. Of course, today they are considered the criminal justice policy and policy in the fight against crime in general. The current state of information impacts on people’s minds and communities requires both scientific understanding, including a mechanism for the formation of behavioral conflict in terms of asymmetric warfare characteristic of the last quarter of XX - XXI centuries a geopolitical scale.
It is concluded that the information component DIME-aggression acts not only independent element (eg, manipulation), but the interpreter of other components such aggression, because it provides traffic information from the device to the population (in this case - the recipient) information.


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