Criminalization And Decriminalization As Methods Of Implementation Of Penal Policy At The Present Stage Of Development Of The Ukrainian State

  • Yevhen Pysmenskyi
Keywords: criminalization and decriminalization


The main methods of implementation of criminal law policy is the definition of acts classified as criminal (criminalization) and the withdrawal of the act from the circle of recognized criminal (decriminalization).
Social and political changes in Ukraine, which took place in 2014 and continue still require rejection of the established negative trends of state policy in all areas, including criminal-legal. Given the number of circumstances, this sector is particularly sensitive in our time, the need to reform among other things require moderation in the use of various methods of implementation of penal policy, thorough and deep analysis regarding the criminalization and decriminalization, subject to certain conditions.
Summarizing the above, it should be noted that at the present stage of the criminal law policy of Ukraine through the application of criminalization and decriminalization observed negative trends of previous years - these processes occur randomly, often opportunistic, without proper scientific justification, in violation of established rules criminalization and decriminalization. Accordingly, a pressing problem in this area is revision of approaches to the application under consideration methods of implementing penal policy, their alteration based on moderation in determining the boundaries of criminal repression, scientific validity, perfection of legislative technique so on.


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