Criminal Legal Means To Counter Threats To Information Security: The Classification

  • Ihor Kozych
Keywords: criminal legal policy, state information policy


State Information Policy of Ukraine as a state activity, aimed the development and regulation of the environment in which catered information and communication needs of the citizens of Ukraine, society and the state, currently is in the stage of formation, search and testing of new methods, techniques and technology governance, effective in the modern information society. A problem of information security becomes particular importance in modern conditions.
To create the preconditions of Ukraine it should first be provided the status of the information society, which does not be allowed negative impact on it from outside entities. The key to this problem is to determine the threats to information security of Ukraine.
Effective creation of preconditions for safe information society depends on a clear understanding of internal and external threats. Further development of the state information policy should take place in close relationship with the criminal legal policy.


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