Knowingly False Report Of Threat To The Security Of Citizens, Destruction Or Damage Of Property, Criminal Legal Nature And Object Of The Crime

  • Viacheslav Yemelianov
Keywords: telephone terrorism


In-depth and thorough study of the nature of a crime under Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, not only due to the fact that in recent years an increasing number of false reports about threats to citizens, destruction or damage of property, but is due that everyday this life of crime is often referred to as «telephone terrorism».
Attitude of the criminal law of foreign countries to knowingly false reports of terrorist act is considered quite understandable because the crime does not meet the signs, which in scientific literature and anti-terrorism legislation describing terrorist offenses. According to these signs of terrorism - is socially dangerous acts aimed at intimidating the population with the aim of encouraging the state, international organization, person or entity to commit or refusal from committing any action, and facilitate such an act. A distinctive feature of terrorism itself first of all is that it creates a general danger arising from the commission of certain socially dangerous acts. The danger here is real, threatening to the public and objectively expressed in the commission or threat of an explosion, arson and other acts that cause or may cause actual school. While the way the crime under Art. 259 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is allegedly false report on the current threat of explosion, arson or other acts that threaten the loss of life or other serious consequences.