Information - Legal Basis For Civil Society

  • Olena Kokhanovska
Keywords: information security, civil society, interest, information relations, ways of protection.


The article is devoted to the problems of information - legal basis for civil society. The author argues convincingly that the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine are effectively used today for protecting the interests of individuals, the society and the state from the effects of the «harmful, dangerous, and low-quality information», despite the legal and doctrinal understanding of these definitions. As evidence for this issue can be used the content of the Art. 293 of the Civil Code of Ukraine «The right to the safe and healthy environment for the life», which the author proposes to consider as one that applies to the information relations. The paper proposes to introduce and formulate in the Civil Code of Ukraine a specific rule «the right to secure information environment», which provides such a right for each individual. According to the author’s arguments it is important for the Ukrainian legislation that almost all the areas of protection of information rights and information relationships are associated primarily with the provisions of the Civil Code of Ukraine, which together with the Constitution of Ukraine are the basis for all information legislation. A wide and varied range of ways for protecting the violated rights of information is provided by the Civil Code. A choice for the protection of these rights by norms of other branches of law, in particular administrative law and criminal law, can be explained by a low level of consciousness of the society in the field of information and insufficient level of development of the information relationships. E.Kokhanovska convincingly argues that democratization and the further development of civil society, market relations, and civilization as a whole, have a significant impact on the choice of civil legal ways for protecting information rights and information relationships.


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